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Home Business Applications

Never assume that what you intend to do is so minor or inconsequential that you will not require a Development Approval.  It is important to emphasise that the onus is on you at all times to seek assistance in determining if a development application is required.  Importantly, if you are the tenant of a residential property and you intend to operate a home based business, you must seek approval from the land owner in the first instance.

The following material, in support of your development application, must be lodged along with your submission. Provision of complete and correct information at lodgement can reduce delays as assessment of your development application may not be carried out until all information is received. 

The Shire's Development Application Lodgement Checklist should be used to assist you in preparing your Development Application.

The following items must be lodged as part of your development application for a Home Based Business:

Development Applications can be lodged in person over the counter at any of the Shire offices, electronically or by mail.

Please contact Development Services on (08) 9188 4444 for any further queries.

It is the responsibility of the tenant, as the home based business operator, that all relevant approvals are in place prior to operation, including any relevant approvals required by the land owner or housing manager separate to any other Shire approvals.

Last updated: 29 July 2019