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Town Planning

What is Town Planning?

Planning is the process of making decisions to guide future action. Town Planning is specifically concerned with shaping cities, towns and regions by managing development, infrastructure and services. 

Balancing the built and natural environment, community needs, cultural significance, and economic sustainability, town planners aim to improve our quality of life and create vibrant communities.

As well as assessing development proposals and devising policies to guide future development, town planners work in areas as diverse as housing, energy, health, education, communications, leisure, tourism and transport. They create new, and revitalise existing, public spaces, conserve places of heritage and enhance community value.

The Planning and Development Act 2005 is the overarching legislation governing Town Planning in WA.  At the local level however, a Local Planning Scheme is the primary document used that sets the local planning objectives and guides and determines the orderly development of the Shire. 

Local Planning Polices, Residential Design Codes (R-Codes), Endorsed Structure Plans and Strategic Planning Documents are used in support of the Local Planning Scheme to guide the orderly development of the Shire.

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Last updated: 9 January 2018