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Heritage Inventory

The Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 requires each local government to identify buildings of cultural heritage significance in its district.

The Local Government Heritage Inventory (LGHI) is an information source of places of local heritage value, however inclusion on the LGHI has no statutory implications/protection.

Each place on an LGHI is assigned a management category, which recognises the varying levels of value each heritage place has. This classification system is often used as the basis for selecting properties to be included within the Heritage List adopted under a Local Planning Scheme.

Generally, those places included on the Heritage List have a higher level of cultural heritage significance.

Entry on the Heritage List, provides statutory protection which seeks to ensure that building or works affecting the place has minimal impact on the cultural heritage values of the place or precinct. Development Applications are generally required for works affecting a heritage place.

Due to the large file size of the Shire’s Heritage Inventory there are a number of download options presented below.

Heritage Inventory (full version) 
Heritage Inventory (part 1)
Heritage Inventory (part 2)
Heritage Inventory (part 3)


Last updated: 25 October 2019