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Building Approval Process - Forms and Fees

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The introduction of both standardised permit application forms and strict processing timeframes has brought consistency across all permit authorities. The following application forms, and where appropriate supporting guides, are available on the forms page of the Building Commission’s website.

  • BA01          Application for Building Permit Certified
  • BA02          Application for Building Permit Uncertified
  • BA03          Application for Certificate of Design Compliance
  • BA05          Application for Demolition Permit
  • BA09          Application for Occupancy Permit
  • BA11          Application for Occupancy Permit Strata
  • BA13          Application for Building Approval Certificate
  • BA15          Application for Building Approval Certificate Strata
  • BA17          Applicaiton for Certificate of Construction Compliance
  • BA18          Applicaiton for Certificate of Buildng Compliance
  • BA22          Application to Extend a Building or Demolition Permit
  • BA20          Notice and Request for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect
  • BA20A       Notice and Request for Consent (Response Notice):

                        Protection Structures, Party Walls, Removal of Fences, Access to Land

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all relevant documentation is provided and is correct. If information in the application is not complete it will cause delays and may result in the permit being refused.

The Building Regulations 2012 prescribe set fees for all applications to permit authorities. Certification fees for obtaining a certificate of design compliance or other certificates are not regulated and are set by the registered building surveyor engaged. Click here for current Fees and Charges

Enquiries for all required building services may be directed to the Property and Development Services on 9184 9314 or [email protected].

Last updated: 29 October 2020