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ADM03 Flying of Flags, Council Buildings 264 KB
ADM06 Use of Shire of Ashburton Logo and Crest 738 KB
ADM07 Strategic Media Policy 29 KB
ADM08 Community Engagement Policy 210 KB
ADM09 Complaints Management Policy 71 KB
ADM11 Memorials on Council Controlled Land 281 KB
CORP5 Risk Management 1 MB
ELM01 Council and Other Meetings 260 KB
ELM02 Official Photograph 264 KB
ELM03 Recognition of Councillors and Citizens 277 KB
ELM04 Code of Conduct for Councillors Committee Members and Staff 293 KB
ELM05 Councillor Training and Conference Attendance 297 KB
ELM06 Councillor Accommodation Travel and Incidental Expenses 273 KB
ELM07 Procedure for the Conduct of Public Question Time and Deputations 2 MB
ELM08 Order of Business 425 KB
ELM09 Elected Member Information Forums 78 KB
ELM10 Financial Sustainability 776 KB
ELM11 Integrated Planning 674 KB
ELM12 Workforce Planning and Management 982 KB
ELM13 Use of Shire of Ashburton Common Seal 545 KB
ELM14 Governance Manual 657 KB
ELM15 Elected Member Business Wear 41 KB
ELM16 Elected Members Record Keeping 1.3 MB
ELM17 Anonymous Communications 389 KB
ELM18 Community Projects Letters of Support 328 KB
ELM19 Recognition of Aboriginal Culture and History 368 KB
ELM20 History Collection Policy 424 KB
ELM21 Tree Management Overview Policy 405 KB
ELM22 Elected Member Event Notification Policy 364 KB
ELM23 Notice of Motion Procedural Policy 279 KB
ELM24 Appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officer 450 KB
EMP02 Prohibited Areas-Wittenoom and Yampire 915 KB
EMP11 Senior Employees 466 KB
EMP24 Corporate Credit Card 596 KB
EMP27 Recruitment Selection Promotion Directive 244 KB
ENG01 Street Lawns and Gardens 271 KB
ENG02 Access to Pastoral Properties 267 KB
ENG06 Road Closures 274 KB
ENG08 Bushfires 1 MB
ENG09 Asset Management 650 KB
ENG10 Guidelines for Urban Development 333 KB
ENG11 Major Projects Management Policy 101 KB
ENG12 Private Works Policy 577 KB
ENG13 Road Management 1.51 MB
FIN05 Trading in Public Places 192 KB
FIN06 Significant Accounting Policies 95 KB
FIN07 Investment Policy 114 KB
FIN09 Authorised Signatories for Cheque and EFT payments 277 KB
FIN10 Wittenoom Properties, Wittenoom Gorge and Yampire Gorge - Rates and Services 113 KB
FIN12 Purchasing Policy 115 KB
FIN13 Debtors Management - General 25 KB
FIN15 Rates Recovery 391 KB
FIN20 Related Party Disclosures 219 KB
FIN21 Rating Policy 332 KB
HTH02 Aboriginal Environmental Health Strategy 788 KB
LPP01 Transportable Dwellings, New and Secondhand 272 KB
LPP02 Home Occupations & Home Businesses 284 KB
LPP03 Advertising Signs 155 KB
LPP04 Retail Uses in the Industrial Zone 462 KB
LPP05 Alfresco Dining 277 KB
LPP06 Caretaker Accommodation 277 KB
LPP07 Cat Pounds and Catteries 265 KB
LPP08 Dog Kennels 272 KB
LPP09 Non Residential Land Uses in Residential Areas 272 KB
LPP10 Design Guide Lines for the Tom Price Town Centre 147 KB
LPP11 Cash-in Lieu Car Parking Requirements 88 KB
LPP12 Mineral Exploration 35 KB
LPP13 Transient Workforce Accomodation 129 KB
LPP14 Percent for Public Art Policy 452 KB
LPP15 Parking & Setback First Ave Onslow 66 KB
LPP16 Outbuildings Assessment 453 KB
LPP17 Consultation for Planning Proposals 276 KB
LPP18 Conversion of Dwellings and Outbuildings to Residential Buildings 275 KB
LPP19 Unauthorised Existing Development 43 KB
LPP20 Social Impact Assessment 301 KB
LPP21 Assessment of Applications Under Clauses 6.10.4 & 6.10.5 of the Shire of Ashburton Local Planning Scheme No. 7 1.8 MB
LPP22 Asessment of Applications Under Clause 6.6.3 of Shire of Ashburton Local Planning Scheme No. 7 1.93 MB
LPP23 Assessment of Applications Under Clause 6.6.2 of Shire of Ashburton Local Planning Scheme No.7 1.98 MB
LPP24 Consideration of Group Housing Development & Bedrooms 651 KB
LPP25 Onslow Coastal Hazard Area - Scheme Control Area 604 KB
LPP26 Onslow Interim Town Centre Design Guidelines 3.55 MB
LPP27 Interim Car Parking Provisions (Onslow) 2.91 MB
LPP28 Beadon Bay Village Concept Plan (Version 2) 3.6 MB
LPP29 Lot 381 Second Avenue/Third Avenue Onslow 1.67 MB
Notice of Motion Procedural Policy 276 KB
REC01 Consumption of Alcohol - Public Facilities 265 KB
REC05 Community Lease and Licence Agreements of Shire Assets (Facilities,Buildings and Land) 685 KB
REC06 Vandalism - Reward for Conviction 258 KB
REC07 Tourism Policy 270 KB
REC08 Community Donations, Grants and Funding 268 KB
REC09 Australia Day WA 270 KB
REC10 Closed Circuit Television System Operations 60 KB
REC11 Youth Advisory Council 18 KB

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Last updated: 27 July 2017