Parks & Gardens

There are many parks, gardens, playground equipment and memorial sites around the Shire, ensuring well-served and flourishing environments are available for the community. They are well facilitated, some with drinking fountains, playground equipment and even a bespoke dog park!

Lions Park, Tom Price

Tom Price Skate Park

The redeveloped Tom Price Skate Park officially launched in October 2012 and has been a vibrant community hub for youth and families ever since. Designed to work with the natural landscape and to cater to all ages, the facility is now regarded as one of the best Skate Parks in WA by Skateboarding Australia.

Besides improving physical fitness, mental alertness, balance and coordination, skate parks offer opportunity for youth to develop important social values.

Skate Park, Tom Price

Recent studies reveal that skate parks facilitate the development of social skills, including cooperation, communication, acceptance, tolerance and patience. It also helps to build self-esteem and confidence which transfers to other areas of an individual’s life.

Onslow Community Garden

The Onslow School Garden was where the renowned community gardening culture began for Onslow. The Pilbara Health Network, Onslow Primary School and the Shire all pulled together to support the development of a school garden in 2005. 

The school garden was such a success that the community took the next step of setting up the Onslow Community Garden, which is thriving today and enables residents and visitors to share the pleasure of outdoor activity, wholesome food, art and craft and community spirit.

Both gardens now provide the children with an outdoor classroom so they can benefit from plenty of physical activity and good nutrition whilst having fun.  Produce is used in the school canteen, cooking classes and shared with families.

Paraburdoo Memorial Garden

A Memorial Garden is located in Paraburdoo.  Landscaped lawns and shady trees surround the garden of remembrance.

The Paraburdoo Memorial Garden is located at the eastern end of the Shire's Office/Library and Hall Complex located on Ashburton Avenue.  As Paraburdoo does not have a cemetery, the Memorial Garden has been established for placement of small stone monuments and plaques. Please note that the Memorial Garden is available for the interment of ashes upon application to the Chief Executive Officer.

If you would like to install a small monument in the Paraburdoo Memorial Garden, please send a letter of request the Shire of Ashburton CEO.

Tom Price Memorial Garden

The Tom Price memorial garden is located in Doug Talbot Park, within the large center garden bed.   If you woud like to install a monument in the memorial garden please send a letter of request to the Shire of Ashburton CEO via 

The Memorial Garden is available for the interment of ashes upon application to the Chief Executive Officer.

Last updated: 23 November 2016