Pest Management

A comprehensive pest control program is carried out throughout the Shire, but is focused mainly on combating fly breeding at rubbish tip sites, and spraying and baiting of known or potential mosquito breeding areas.

Residents can assist in the control of fly breeding by wrapping all food wastes before placing in rubbish bins and by proper storage and use of compost.

The Shire's Manager Environmental Health can provide information on the control and eradication of pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes and stable flies. Please contact him on 9184 9312 or email

Contact a pest control company for further information and treatment for infestations on private property.


Mosquitoes will breed where water is allowed to lay or be stored. Stagnant water in containers such as pot plant holders can allow mosquito larvae or wrigglers to grow. You are encouraged to eliminate possible mosquito breeding areas on your own land, and items that retain water should be removed or relocated to assist in the prevention of mosquito breeding. Septic tanks are also a prime breeding area. Mosquito proof cowels are required to be fitted to all vent pipes to prevent direct access by mosquitoes to septic tanks.

Please click here for information on mosquito-borne viruses.

Last updated: 17 April 2018