• Paraburdoo Community Hub & Quentin Broad Swimming Pool

    The Shire of Ashburton is excited to announce that the Request for Tenders for the Construction of the Paraburdoo Community Hub has now been advertised.  Submissions will close on 25 August 2017, and the contract is expected to be awarded at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 21 September 2017. 

    The annual public swimming pool season for Paraburdoo traditionally starts from 1 October each year, closing at the end of April.  In order to construct the new multipurpose centre, the existing swimming pool facilities (change rooms, first aid, office, etc) will need to be demolished, and the existing plant run from a temporary power source. 

    Contractors tendering for the project have been requested to consider providing two quote options;

    One being to include a methodology/cost option which minimises any impact on the public pool season, although the requirement to demolish and rebuild the pool facilities will invariably have some consequence on the ability to keep it open at all times; and

    The second being allowing access to the site from the second week of October throughout the construction period, thus meaning that there would be a high probability of there being no access to the Pool for the entire season 2017/18. 

    Regardless of which contractor might be successful, the predicted construction time is expected to be from Mid October 2017 through to the end of October 2018.

    Due to the short timeframe between the close of tender (25 August), award of contract and commencement of construction, any impact on the pool season will unfortunately not be known until around a week before it is due to normally open. Council and Shire staff will consider all possible options and alternatives to retain access to a safe accessible pool, subject to normal budgetary constraints, which, unfortunately, will only become clearer after opening of the tenders.

    The Shire of Ashburton would like to acknowledge that the circumstances, whilst not ideal, will produce a magnificent new community facility with modern pool facilities and appreciates the community for its understanding of the predicament that the Council faces in coming weeks.

    The Shire of Ashburton will keep the community and specific interest groups informed as soon as options become clearer.

    Dale Stewart
    Acting Chief Executive Officer

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