Mobile Black Spot Program

The Federal Government are calling for organisations, including local governments, to nominate areas of 'mobile black spots' for the next round of funding for the national Mobile Black Spot Program.  Nominations are now open for Round 4 of the Mobile Black Spot Database and close on 11 October 2018. Round 4 focuses on improved coverage in regional and remote communities, as well as in Public Interest Premises.

To nominate a location please follow these three steps: 

  • Check to see if the location has already been nominated.  If so, it cannot be resubmitted.
  • Identify the latitude and longtitude using the national map before completing the submission form. 
  • Complete the submission form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?

Nominations received directly from the public will not be accepted.  Nominations should be received through the Shire of Ashburton for submission.

Can I re-nominate a black spot if it is already on the Database?

No, attached is a list of nominated black spots for the Shire of Ashburton, all of these existing reported black spots will remain on the Federal Governments Mobile Black Spot Database.

  • Karijini Eco Retreat
  • Karijini National Park
  • Karijini Visitors Centre A
  • Nanturra Roadhouse
  • Nanutarra
  • North West Coastal Highway
  • Millstream Chichester National A
  • Mulga Bore
  • Nanutarra-Munjina Road
  • North West Coastal Highway 
  • Onslow 
  • Paraburdoo 
  • Paraburdoo-Tom Price Road
  • Round Hill
  • Wirrillimarra
  • Wittenoom
  • Karijini Visitors Centre B
  • Millstream Chichester National B

How do a nominate a black spot?

Firslty identify the latitude and longitude and then complete the online form below. 

National Map will assist with finding the latitude and longitude of a location -

Please note you do not have to renominate a location if it is already marked with a blue dot on the map, unless you are nominating a Public Interest Premises.

Why am I being asked for contact details?

Contact details are only used for the purpose confirming locations if required.

Personal details will not be publically published on the Database or on the Department’s website.

Which areas are eligible for nomination?

Consistent with previous rounds of the Program, Round 4 is targeting mobile black spots in regional and remote Australia.

In order to be deemed eligible, a black spot location must have poor or no mobile coverage.

What is a Public Interest Premises? 

A Public Interest Premises is defined as a premises or location that the Program considers is used on a continuing basis for a public interest purpose, and which may include:

(a) an economic centre;

(b) an emergency services facility;

(c) a health facility;

(d) an educational facility;

(e) an indigenous community organisation;

(f) a local government facility; or

(g) a not-for-profit organisation.

  • An economic centre may, for example, be a local area or precinct that generates economic activity for the community, such as a tourist site, a local business centre or an industrial precinct.
  • An emergency services facility may, for example, be an emergency services call centre or operations base, a rural fire service facility or a designated community emergency evacuation point.
  • A health facility may, for example, be a general practice or medical centre, a specialist medical service or surgery, a community health centre or a hospital.
  • An educational facility may, for example, be a school or other registered training or educational facility.
  • A local government facility may, for example, be a local government childcare centre, a library, a council office or any other community facility operated by local government.

You will need to provide a short description of the Public Interest Premises at the nominated location (For example, type of services provided by the Public Interest Premises and need for improved mobile voice and/or data connectivity at this location) and the contact details for the premises.

 Mobile Black Spot nomination form

  1. In case we require further information about your nominated location. Your details will not be passed on with the nominations.

  2. Use to determine latitude and longitude of location

  3. Is the nominated location a Public Interest Premises
  4. If yes, please specify the category that best describes the location
  5. Please provide a short description of the types of services provided at the nominated Public Interest Premises and need for improved mobile and/or data connectivity at this location.

  6. Please provide contact details for the nominated Public Interest Premises

* denotes a required field.

Last updated: 29 September 2018